Masterpieces of fine furnishings

Who are we

Masterpieces for Hotel Supplies was established in 2002 and started its first branch in Al-Bawadi districtin the field of woodworks and hotel rooms. The company was then developed and added the activities of hotel furnishings and accessories. We have become a leader in the field of hospitality and hotels and we have the necessary expertise and competence in this wide field and always strive to upgrade the level of service provided to our customers.

Company activity

The company has taken upon itself the permanent and continuous development in the field of furniture and integrated furnishing with high quality specifications and accurate implementation in appropriate and standard times. and distinctive.


Leadership in the supply of hotel supplies in the Arab region in line with modern developments and high service and upgrading the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world level, to be the approved standard for the market and the first and easiest choice for customers.


We always strive to improve the level of service offered to our customers by providing high quality raw materials in the belief that we need to live up to the highest levels of comfort and excellence and provide an integrated and easy solutions for hospitality. Within the ideal working environment, our role shall be focused on meeting the requirements of our customers in finding the right product at the highest international standards with ‎favorable rates.